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Welcome to SPARK Athletic Center!


We're thrilled that you've arrived here. Get ready for an incredible journey at the finest fitness center in Kuwait, equipped with exceptional facilities and led by the most experienced coaches.


Discover our comprehensive pricing plans for all the information you need.


Join us today and take the first step toward achieving your fitness goals!



Personal Training

20kd / session        1 to 10 PT session

17kd / session        11 to 20 PT session

15kd / session        21 or more PT session

15kd / session        Group PT (3-8 participants)

10kd / session        Group PT (9-12 participants)


Assessments / Fitness Checkup

20kd        Functional Test

20kd        Body Composition Test (BODPOD)

20kd        Wingate Test

20kd        Metabolic Test

20kd        Consultation Test

30kd        Premium Consultation Session (program + demo on gym floor)

20kd        Cryo

10kd        Normatec

30kd        Massage

15kd        Dry Cupping

20kd        Chiropractic Assessment

10kd        InBody Test

15kd        Functional Test Powered by Vlad

10kd        Counter Balance Squat Jump Vlad

25kd        VO2 Max


COMBO Offers

30kd        Functional Test + BODPOD

30kd        Consultation + BODPOD

50kd        Wingate + Metabolic Test

80kd        Pro Testing Package (All Tests)

50kd        3 times Cryo

25kd        Cryo + Normatec

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