Do you have the desire and passion to help people lose weight or work with aspiring or professional athletes? Learn how to become one of the finest professional trainers in the world, become certified through SPARK ACADEMY.


Taught by SPARK strength and conditioning coaches, our Training Specialist course provides an in-depth study of:​

- Exercise Physiology

- Anatomy and Kinesiology

- Biomechanics

- Fitness Assessments

- Exercise Techniques and Progressions

- Program Design

The culmination of the course will allow each student to apply their learning and complete a final written and hands on exam to confirm their comprehension of the art and science of personal training.


All classes include a mix of lecture and practical application. However, some material requires more of a presentation format and some allows for more hands-on learning. There will be ample time for questions and exploration throughout with the course instructors.


SPARK Academy is our bridge to produce world-class certified health and fitness coaches and trainers. Finally, you can do what you are passionate about.

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