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Vianney is a strength and conditioning coach who worked in football teams around the world during the past 15 years (Clubs and national teams). He has a functional approach of training and is specialized in performance. His educational background includes an MSc. in Sport Science, MSc. in Strength and Conditioning, BSc. in Education and Motricity. He has also studied Functional assessment, movement disfunction leading to pain, taping and muscle release techniques. He is currently our Technical supervisor and is in charge of Spark Run Club/Spark Performance Team.


• Strength & Conditioning Coach in Spark Athletic Center

• Strength & Conditioning Coach in Football (China, Congo, Spain, Serbia, Iraq, Hong Kong, France)



• MSc. in Strength and conditioning

• MSc. in Sport Science

• BSc. In Physical Education and Motricity

• XPS EXOS Performance Specialist, FMS2 Functional Movement Screen, SCP Stop Chasing Pain – Primal Movement, FMT RockTape Certified, CFSC2 Certified Functional Strength Coach



• Strength & Conditioning

• Sport Performance

• Prehab / Rehab

• Olympic Weightlifting

• Running




Shuwaikh Branch

Matteo Feriani is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. He received two master's degrees with honors in MS Sport and Exercise Science and MS Methodology of Physical Conditioning for Football Players.


Matteo joined Spark in 2016 and became a Senior Coach in 2018. He is dedicated to a wide range of clients and specializes in pain-free movement quality, strength training, athletic development, rehabilitation, and return to sport.


Matteo’s most important courses and certifications:

NSCA CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

STRONGFIRST SFL (Strongfirst Barbell Lifter Instructor)

McGILL METHOD (Level 3 - Dealing with back-pained individuals)

EXOS-XPS (EXOS Performance Specialist)

FMS2 (Functional Movement Systems Level 2)

FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning Specialist - Functional Anatomy Seminars)

NKT-1 (NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1)

FMT (RockTape Functional Movement Techniques - Basic, Performance & IASTM)

CFSC2 (Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 2)

Pn1 (Precision Nutrition Level 1)




Shuwaikh Branch

Nenad Selakovic is a strength and conditioning coach with significant experience in sport performance training.


His educational background includes BEd. in Physical Activity Athletics (basketball, football, tennis, athletes), and MSc. in Sports and Exercises/ Strength and Conditioning Engineer/Sport Science, as well as prevention of injury, mobility of joint and flexibility of muscles, personal training, and roles within research team for sport and physical science.


He is on the end of PhD studies- project “Influence of morphological and cognitive characteristics on results in newly developed agility test.


He works with clients trying to transfer his professional knowledge and experience in accordance with their goals. Nenad uses appropriate motorical and functional tests and different methods of training in order to achieve the desired goals, whether it is a strength and conditioning, weight loss or some kind of simply rehabilitation process. He is always interested in the relationship with every client through a constant communication system of feedback.







Certificate, Posture Analysis Certificate (Contemplas).




Shuwaikh Branch

Tarik Bouguetaib comes from a family of athletes. His father, Mustapha, was Moroccan champion and record holder in the Pole Vault and his mother, Fatima Meziane, was Arab champion in the 100m and Moroccan champion in the Long Jump.


In his first competition, he crushed the national record, establishing a new mark of 16.45. He carried on that year brilliantly clinching the silver medal at the Mediterranean Games, in Almeria, Spain, with a 17.00m effort.


In 2006, Bouguetaib was crowned African Triple Jump champion in Bambous, Mauritius (17.25w) in August, and was the only Moroccan selected for the World Cup, in Athens in September, placing 6th (16.57m).


In 2007 he clinched two medals at the Arab Championships, in Amman, Jordan - gold in the Triple Jump (16.39m) and silver in the Long Jump (7.79m). He then went on to set an African record of 17.37m.




Shuwaikh Branch

Is a Bsc in Sports Science with a strength and conditioning approach. Working the last two years in Kuwait as a personal trainer, He has developed personal and professional skills in his daily life abroad his country.


In a continuous learning process, He has achieved multiple certifications as NSCA-CPT, CFSC L2, EXOS Performance specialist, FMS L1 and C- PS (Champion Performance Specialist).


His passion in this field is to provide the most enjoyable and educational training to his athletes and clients through the days and share his knowledge with them to make their lives easier in a health perspective. He loves to develop his athlete’s fitness in the best benefit/risks ratio possible.


Trying to bridge the gap from therapy to performance is his actual love.


Team focus perspective is one of his best skills. Loves to share content and learn from the people who have something to share with him. Easy going and good at building buy-in with his clients.




Shuwaikh Branch

Strength and Conditioning coach with extensive experience inspiring others to commit to long-term health and fitness goals. Strong understanding of sports performance nutrition. Promotes activities and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds and bodies. Dynamic personality and excellent communication skills.



Bachelor Degree in Physical Education & Sports Science eqf level 8

Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (Greece).

Greek Athletic & Fitness School eqf level 5

Grafts Certified Fitness and Wellness European Center, Thessaloniki (Greece)


A level: Professional Personal Trainer Course Diploma

B level: Advance Personal Trainer Course Diploma

C level : Elite Personal Trainer Course Diploma

• Certified Mat Pilates Fitness Instructor

• Group exercise and basic music training instructor by crafts

• Hatha yoga & Astanga yoga certified instructor by crafts


UEFA b certificate of attendance eqf level 4

EUFA coaching convention, Thessaloniki (Greece)

- Strength and Conditioning of football athletes under 8 to under 17.

- Energy demands of football

- Certified lifeguard for sea/pool eqf level 4 Bayline services, Thessaloniki (Greece).


CFSC 2 (Certified Functional And Strength Coach LEVEL 2 )

FMS 2 ( Functional Movement Screen level 2)

MA Strength Chinese Weightlifting Certificate level 1




Shuwaikh Branch

Certified personal trainer conditioning and strength coach with years of experience, fitness passionate, specialized in muscle building and weight loss programs.


IFBB men’s physique athlete since 2015.




Shuwaikh Branch

Turkey Bodybuilding Federation Certified Personal Trainer (2011).


He has a Mat and Reformer Pilates Trainer Certificates from the International Pilates Federation (2017).


He completed his bachelors program of the sports academy of Kocaeli University (2013) and his master program of Bahcesehir University (2018).


Since 2013, he has been working as a personal trainer in fitness and pilates.




Shuwaikh Branch

A SPARKATHLETIC Certified personal trainer from National Academy of Sports and Medicine, AF studies for personal training and advanced personal training, and International body trainer.


He worked for 4 years in high quality gyms in Greece at Holmes Place as a personal trainer, worked with Holmes Place Academy and presented his first seminar called "How to get rid of Body Fat?".


Coach Sotiris was a National Champion in Jiu-Jitsu!




Shuwaikh Branch

Coach Douglas Ferreira who is from Brazil and has 15 years of experience as a professional futsal athlete.


In recent years he has worked as a conditioning coach as well as being a futsal player.


He is a certified personal trainer by the International Sports and Science Association and his main areas of expertise are weight loss, strength and conditioning, speed and agility, functional training and sport-specific training (football).


If you’re looking for enthusiasm and motivation then he’s there to push your limits.




Shuwaikh Branch

Alaeddine competed in combat sports from a young age and has been around weight training all his life.


This is what led him to develop his knowledge in sports by obtaining a Bachelor degree in Sport Science and a Master degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics and still eager to learn more.


He has passed his passion and knowledge to his students in Kickboxing to procure National Championships and out-stood in combat sports and has changed a lot of people’s lives through his hybrid methods and experience in combat sports and weight training which has led them achieve their highest potential and goals safely.


Alaeddine’s main focus is obtaining a functional, shredded, balanced, flexible, strong, and effective body using different methods while enjoying the journey.




Kipco Tower Branch

Victoria is a World Class Olympic track and field athlete who competed over the 400m for Great Britain.  Throughout her career she competed at international events including the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  During her time as an athlete she won numerous international medals over both the 400m and 4x400m relay:


2009 Silver Medalist European Championships Turin, Italy

2009 World Bronze medal 4x400m at World Championships Berlin

2010 Bronze medalist at European Championships Barcelona

2010 Silver Medalist at Commonwealth Games New Delhi, India


She graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc. Sports Science and Management. She is a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach and Personal Trainer working across Europe before coming to Spark.


Victoria specializes in running, weight loss, weight gain, strength and conditioning training, functional training, plyometrics, core and stability.  She is also one of our qualified Spin instructors here in SPARK.


She will help you to achieve your goals and keep you motivated in a fun but professional way!




Kipco Tower Branch

Veronica holds a BA Degree in Physical education and Sport and an honors Master Degree in Sport Science for Prevention and Rehabilitation.


She’s very focused in the Public Health, Prevention and Control and also in communication of the risks.


During the last two years her main research was about primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Friendly and dynamic, Veronica developed excellent communication and leadership skills thanks to her collaboration in different cultural and sportive associations in Italy and the UK.


Veronica communicates effectively and sensitively with clients and cares to maximize the rehabilitation of patients and to ensure understanding of accurate diagnosis.


Veronica has extensive experience with sports therapeutic operations, deep knowledge of therapy techniques as a sport therapist.




Kipco Tower Branch

Maura is from Brazil and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Sports.

In the last two years, she was living in Poland, working with football training and conditioning planner, but also lived in USA and Portugal, where it contributed to her graduation.


She has extensive experience with sports physical coaching, personal trainer and rehabilitation, as well as injury and obesity.


Friendly and receptive, she adapts very well to new places and always pursuit the goals and particularities of clients to develop a specific work with fast and satisfactory results.


Her areas of action are functional training, strength training and weight loss, flexibility and balance, injury rehabilitation and post surgery.




Kipco Tower Branch

Naomi is a Qualified Sports Therapist from London, holding an Upper Class Degree in Sports Therapy and Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer.


With over 8 years’ experience working within the fitness industry with her most passionate role being a Personal Trainer adapting her training sessions to each client’s specific needs, making training fun enjoyable and most importantly worth it.


She specializes in women’s fitness, rehabilitation, injury prevention, weight/resistance training, high intensity and interval training, which all can benefit goals of weight loss, weight gain, toning and strengthening.


She is very friendly and enthusiastic person, easy to get along with, a very fun but stern approach to training to help you meet your goals.




Kipco Tower Branch

Over 6 years of experience in working 1-2-1 with females, passion for psychology and cognitive behavior (understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors) and a wide experience on lower body training sessions and body recomposition.


Georgiana graduated with a Sports degree.


When working together with her clients, she first starts with changing how they feel about training, they must enjoy what they do, followed by educating and making them happy about what they eat.


Her approach to training is mostly focusing on client’s strengths to improve their weaknesses. Working with both men and women in her past roles has taught her that women’s approach must be different than with a man.


Her training sessions will always be 60% lower body focused on growth, 30% high-intensity full body sessions focused on fat burn and endurance and 10% on building upper body strength in order to maintain the hourglass shape and femininity.


Qualifications: Kettlebell, Less Mills Grit Coach, Circuit Training, Boxing Circuits, Advanced Programming for Body Recomposition, Mobility Course.




Kipco Tower Branch

Marta holds a degree in Sports Science.


She was studying in the United Kingdom at London Metropolitan University where she is specialized in Strength & Conditioning.


In 2015 she won UKBFF Body Fitness competition and since then she successfully started to prepare clients to step on the stage.


Her expertise are in total body transformation, posterior chain and lower body enhancement (Booty-Building), special event preparation: weddings, photo shoots, bikini bodies, postnatal sculpting.




Kipco Tower Branch

Coach Michelle is a Qualified Fitness Coach from Newcastle, UK , specializing in Strength and Conditioning, Fat loss and muscle development.


Her passion for the fitness industry began 4 years ago and has since competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions, gaining three 1st places and many top 5 trophies with invites to British Finals the past 3 years in a row.


Coach Michelle has the knowledge, the experience, the passion , and the no messing strict attitude to help you achieve phenomenal results… if you’re willing to give 100% in the return.


No slackers allowed on her shift. She is fun, energetic, and wants to give you only the best. She will support and guide you the whole journey.




Kipco Tower Branch

Gonca holds a Bachelor Degree of Sports Training from Dumlupinar University in Kulahya, Turkey, in additional to that; she is a certified Pilates instructor from IFBB (International Federation of body building and Fitness– Canada.


Gonca is certified as Yoga Instructor from the Global Fitness and Health Consultancy Academy (GFHC), Turkey and has a diploma of health clubs management from the same academy.


In her previous assignment, Gonca was working as Fitness Instructor in Chenot Group health & wellness in Qebele. Azerbaijan, prior to that, Gonce occupied Pilates Trainer post in Canyon Ranch Wellness spa in Bordrum, Turkey.

Across her career; Gonce got exposure to diverse fitness fields including;

• Weight management

• Body shaping


• Tabata

• Mat Pilates

• Reformer Pilates

• Equipment Pilates

• Zumba

• Aerial Yoga

• Yin Yoga

• Power Yoga

• Functional yoga

• Hatha Yoga

• SUP Yoga

• Hot Yoga

In her new role with Spark Athletic Center; Gonca will be acting as Pilates, Yoga and Zumba Instructor in addition to her role as personal trainer.




Kipco Tower Branch

Pelin used to be a volleyball player from 2005 -2010 in Fenerbahce. She also took swimming lessons in FB and was a licensed swimmer.


Pelin started yoga in 2007 with 200hr of Vinyasa Yoga Training. She then completed pilates training from BAPS (Body and Balance).


She continued with 30 hrs of yin yoga training from Advaita yoga 1 month of MAC Academy PT training and worked 1 year at MACFIT and ZONE CLUB.


Pelin also now gives swimming lessons and an Aqua Aerobics class. She blends all of her training and knowledge in her classes. Breathing and meditation is the key for her.

The mind and body works together. Both are more efficient to run at the same time. We must do the same for the mind when we work and shape the body.




The Avenues Branch

Nerina has 23 years of rich experience in Wellness Training, Personal Coaching, Corrective Exercise and Events Management.


She holds an MBA in Sports Management focused on Sport and Fitness Administration/Management from Uni-sport Sports Management School, Barcelona. She has also has multiple professional certifications in Pilates Reformer, corrective posture, Les Mills, dancing, core and strength conditioning.


Originally from Argentina, Nerina has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in several countries including USA, Spain and Uruguay.


She is fluent in Spanish, English and Catalan. She believes everybody is unique and her approach towards the clients always includes holistic development including body and mind.




The Avenues Branch

Marta was born in Poland but spent most of her professional life in United Kingdom where she studied and worked as university lecturer.


Marta holds Master’s degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Science from Staffordshire University and Bachelor’s degree in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences from Hull University.


Throughout her professional career she worked with athletes pursuing career in rugby, cricket, athletics and many other sports. Also, she worked with individuals aiming on improving their health, losing weight, gaining muscles, getting into shape post injury and cardiac rehab.


Marta has passion in helping people irrespectively of their goal, both general population and the athletes. She can apply the psychological, physiological and bio-mechanical principles to help others to achieve desired results.


Typically, Marta would be happy helping with:

• Strength and conditioning

• Goal setting

• Weight management

• Fat loss

• Lean mass gain

• Post injury

• Postural correction, like scoliosis, lordosis

• Cardiac rehab




The Avenues Branch

Chantelle  is a qualified sport scientist who holds a BSc. Sport Science degree, BSc. (Honors) Sport Science degree and Mphil in Sport Science from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


She has worked as a health coach assisting clients with health, nutrition and fitness.


She briefly worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the girls soccer team in the national league. In addition, as a runner herself, she has run over 7 marathons and 4 half marathons in the last 3 years.


As a sport scientist Chantelle is able to combine her academic experience as well as her work experience to best help her clients.


Since she has worked closely with coaches and sport scientists, Chantelle is able to use both skill sets to help her clients reach their goals and bring out their potential.


• Weight loss

• Strength and Conditioning

• Running

• Sport specific training

• Mobility

• Functional training




The Avenues Branch

In 2006, Luciana started her career in the fitness industry in Portugal as a group fitness instructor.


Alongside her job as an English teacher she taught Body Pump, Body Combat, Power Jump, freestyle Step and Aerobics.


Her passion for fitness led her to London where she certified with Premier Training International in Exercise to Music, Level 2 Fitness Instructing and Level 3 Personal Training.


Luciana has a special interest in postural issues that can cause back pain, knee pain, poor alignment of joints, etc.


By teaching her clients proper lifting technique she can help them improve their posture as well as getting them stronger and fitter.


She is currently enrolled in the Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification so that she can improve her service as a coach by addressing diet habits.




The Avenues Branch

Ipek is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Trainer from Fitness Turk_ Istanbul, Turkey.


Besides that, she is a long-distance sprinter national runner. She won long and short distance races in many cities in turkey.


In her previous assignment, Ipek was working as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in Istanbul’s Hilton coming from Wyndham Kalamis Hotel.


Prior to that, Ipek has enriched her experience working as a Personal Trainer in one of the biggest projects in Algeria.


Across her career, Ipek got exposure to diverse fitness fields including;

• Weight Management

• Body Shaping

• Pilates

• Reformer Pilates

• Zumba

• Step Aerobics

• Cycling

• Cross-Fit


She performed as a Zumba trainer at the Hilton Bosphorus International Dance Festival.




The Avenues Branch

In 2011, Elsa completed her studies at the international institute for Sport Science and Fitness Training (IIFT). She started her career as a Fitness Instructor in 2012 at Virgin Active in South Africa.


In 2013, while working as a Personal Trainer in Saudi Arabia, she travelled the world and expanded her knowledge by completing various courses in Riyadh, Jeddah, New York and Paris.


In 2014, she returned to South Africa and has been working as a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active for the past five years. She have confidence in her ability to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals safely.


She believes a person should be functional. You should have the ability to perform daily activities effortlessly and without obtaining any injuries.


Exercising is her passion. She specializes in people, offering guidance by assisting them in achieving optimal mobility.


Her areas of expertise include:

• HIT Training

• Functional Training

• Weight Management

• Body Shaping

• Strength and Conditioning

• Boxing

Train with the best that's the SPARK difference.